Our THC-infused edibles are handcrafted and created by culinary professionals using the highest quality ingredients and medical cannabis with lab tested dosages. 

Our mission is to help California medical marijuana patients locate edibles and smokeless alternatives for consuming their medication. With convenience, compassion, and discretion we are offering a new and better way for patients to access the best quality products on the market....don't see what you are looking for? Let us know!

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~ Sweet Treats ~

Vegan Granola Clusters ~ Dr Roberts

Crunchy, sweet nuggets of sliced almonds, oats, maple syrup ...


The Chipster Cookie ~ Venice Cookie Co.

Delicious is always in style! Sharply dressed with ...


Peace Crispy Treat ~ Venice Cookie Co.

A delightfully chocolaty, crunchy bite! Peace Krispie ...


Extra Strength (42 Brownie)~Dr Roberts

This delicious brownie packs an astonishing 420mg's of ...


Hazy Glazy Pumpkin Spice Cookie*2 IN STOCK

Fall is in the air and if you don't feel it yet, you will ...


Coconut Mix (Magic) Bar ~ Dr Roberts

Did you know that Doctor Robert is a wizard too? A magical ...


Double Chocolate Chip (Trip) ~ Dr Roberts

Made with two kinds of chocolate chips and a bit of cocoa ...


Oatmeal (Blazin) Cookie ~ Dr Roberts

Just like grandma used to make (only with a little ...


Fruity Cereal Bar ~Green Ticket* 2 IN STOCK

These 9 Dose Cereal Bars are as uplifting as they are ...


Peanut Butter (Spaced Out) Cookie ~ Dr. Roberts

From Dr Roberts Bakery, Out-of-this-world Peanut Butter ...

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