IncrEdibles Bars ~ 2 Awesome Flavors

Founded in 2010, incredibles is recognized as the number one infused edible in Colorado and is now available in California!

Known as experts in both infused edibles and extracts, incredibles has become synonymous with quality and consistency throughout the country. With years of combined food manufacturing experience, its no surprise that incredibles’ mission is to consistently provide high-quality, handcrafted infused products that taste great!.
Every edible consists of precisely measured portions ensuring dose accuracy and effectiveness.

Available In These Delicious Flavors:
*Vanilla Affogato
*Strawberry Crunch
*Peanut Budda Buddha Bar
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Until you know your tolerance to Cannabis Infused Edibles, eat only the manufactures recommended dosage and wait 60 - 90 minutes before consuming more.

 And remember, ALWAYS Keep out of reach of Children and Pets

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