#STAYMEDICATED *INDICA* ~ Green Ticket *Special!

When it comes to a SERIOUS medicated experience #STAYMEDICATED Chocolate Brownie hits you like no other edible can!

Made with deliriously delicious chocolate and a colossal #648mg of THC, this brownie packs major taste and cannabis into one compact treat. Proceed with cautious when dosing, starting with a small piece and waiting to determine what kind of effect this strong edible has on you.

When it comes to long lasting marijuana relief and chocolaty goodness, nothing does the trick like Green Ticket Bakery’s #STAYMEDICATED Chocolate Brownie.
 Ingredients: Sugar, Flour Eggs, Cocoa, Cannabis Hash, Salt, Vanilla, Vegetable Glycerin


Take no more than a 1/3 of the brownie and wait one hour, (For Patients with an established High Tolerance, Otherwise medicate responsibly and dose in 15-20mg increments until you know your limit) Effect varies by each person. Over-medication can cause nausea and disorientation



mg THC
mg THC
per serving
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