Fruit Belts in 4 Fruity Flavors

One of our most popular sellers are the fruit belts. The Belts come in four delicious flavors:

*Sour Apple
*Rainbow (Tropical Fruit)
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EdiPure™ medicinal products are infused with THC derived by using lab grade reagents and methods to extract, then ‘prepare’ the THC so that it can be infused into a host of edible products with exact THC dosing and no resulting cannabis taste.

Through redundant lab methods and testing, we are able to determine the precise concentration of THC in our EdiPure™ infusion materials, which provides us the ability to infuse our products with exact THC dosing.

EdiPure™ has been formulated to change the notion of standard edible baked goods that are created with a technique of “guesstimating” how much active THC is actually in the edible product.  We strive to accurately prepare each and every mg we infuse our products with to create; The One, The Only, The Original, EdiPure™.

Until you know your tolerance to Cannabis Infused Edibles, eat only the manufactures recommended dosage and wait 60 - 90 minutes before consuming more.

And remember, ALWAYS Keep out of reach of Children and Pets

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mg THC
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