4.20 Bars In 3 Delectable Flavors

Known as the most delicious & high-potency chocolate brand on the West Coast!

Tempered Couverture Chocolate that is hand crafted by their expert Chocolatiers and made with Fair Trade Cacao, these 420 Bars raise the Bar in flavor & quality!

*Available In:
Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt
Milk Chocolate + Toffee
White Chocolate + Cookies & Cream
Dark Chocolate + Popping Blackberry

Fair Trade 38% Cacao. Gluten-Free. 200mg THC
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Our Mission

VCC Brands creates a world where cannabis is consumed in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun by providing consumers with access to delicious, healthy, reliably-tested and packaged cannabis products. We are committed to collaborating with other industry leaders, researchers, regulators and policy makers to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.

Our Story

VCC Brands was born one evening when a group of friends came up with the idea to infuse California-grown cannabis into gourmet olive oil. Inspired by the results, we’ve been redefining cannabis ever since.

What We Stand For:


Great ingredients plus time-tested recipes. All of our products are made with sun-grown California cannabis and natural colors and flavors whenever possible.


What you see is what you get. We submit all of our products to third party testing to ensure consistent cannabinoid content in each and every batch.


Our cannabis is tested at multiple stages during extraction and manufacturing to ensure it is free of contaminants, pesticides and microbials.


All our products are both high quality and affordable. We use our longtime industry expertise to keep overhead low and pass along that value to patients and caregivers.


We’re cannabis nerds! We love learning and sharing knowledge that empowers patients to make informed choices. Stay tuned.


We are actively engaged in working towards a future where cannabis can be enjoyed responsibly in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun.

Until you know your tolerance to Cannabis Infused Edibles, eat only the manufactures recommended dosage and wait 60 - 90 minutes before consuming more.

 And remember, ALWAYS Keep out of reach of Children and Pets

mg THC
mg THC
per serving
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