Potato Chips ~ Yummi Karma

Ok, so we all enjoy a delicious medicated sweet but sometimes you just want something crunchy and salty...well Yummi Karma has you covered with these innovative and  awesome Potato Chips, great for diabetics too!
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About Yummi Karma:

The mission of Yummi Karma is to develop and improve the cannabis industry culture through advocacy and education, and to provide high quality, consistent products that appeal to the growing segment of women, professionals, and patients who are seeking alternative ways to medicate.

We make each one of our products with you in mind, designed to fit perfectly into your daily routine. Whether it’s one of our edibles, topicals, or drink enhancers,we help you get the most out of your meds.

At Yummi Karma, we believe you should have a voice. Not only are we active in the canna-community, we donate a portion of sales to organizations dedicated to making our industry better and safer for all of us.

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