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Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from  CBD. In fact, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system – this system allows us to reap the benefits of CBD. This is good news for our furry friends! We have several products to choose from to meet your pet’s needs, Relaxation Remedy (COMING SOON!) for use by pet owners and veterinarians alike. Choose from irresistible Bacon-flavor biscuits for Large Dogs, Chicken or Salmon hemp CBD Small Dog & Cat treats, or from our oral hemp CBD Tinctures and Sprays in Veteranary Strength (COMING SOON)

CBD has beenfound to promote emotional balance, pain management, a healthy immune system, muscle relaxation for lessened anxiety as well as neurological balance

Available in small pet (cats and < 20lb dogs) and large (>20lb dogs) pet sizes.

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~ Our Furry Friends ~

Pharma-CBD Freeze-Dried Pet Treats for Small Dogs & Cats

*SHIPS IN 2-3 DAYS Our ALL-NEW All Natural Freeze-Dried ...


Pharma-CBD Bacon Flavored Large Dog Treats

*SHIPS IN 2-3 DAYS Our original Bacon-flavored CBD Dog ...

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