Treasury Secretary Wants Marijuana Money In Banks

The Trump administration's top fiscal official appeared to voice support for letting marijuana businesses store their profits in banks.Cannabis Banking

"I assure you that we don't want bags of cash," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified on Tuesday during an appearance before the House Financial Services Committee. "We want to make sure that we can collect our necessary taxes and other things"

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Study: Cannabis Is Safe And Effective For Elderly Patients

Cannabis therapy is safe and effective among elderly patients diagnosed with chronic pain, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the European Journal of Internal Cannabis is safe for seniorsMedicine.

Researchers from Hebrew University and the Ben Gurion University of Negrev in Israel assessed the use of therapeutic cannabis over a period of six months in a cohort of 1,186 patients above 65 years of age. The majority of patients enrolled in the trial suffered from pain or cancer. Under an Israeli federal program, over 32,000 citizens are licensed to utilize cannabis therapy.

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Girl Scout Who Sold Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary Could Get in Trouble

The San Diego Girl Scout council is looking into whether a scout who was photographed selling cookies outside a marijuana dispensary broke any rules.Girl selling girl scout cookies in front of marijuana dispensary

Officials were trying to identify the girl and talk to her family because she was in a commercial area, which is not allowed, council spokeswoman Mary Doyle said in an email Monday.Urbn Leaf posted a photograph of the girl on Friday outside the shop that sells medical and recreational marijuana and invited customers on its Instagram account to come get some Girl Scout cookies.

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Bill Nye Highlights Israel As The World Epicenter Of Medical Cannabis Research

Bill Nye, the American science educator known to almost every North American 90s kid from the show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” which ran from 1993 to 1998, has a new series and it features Bill Nye Highlights Israel As The World Epicenter Of Medical Cannabis Researchan ode to Israel’s groundbreaking medical marijuana research.

The TV personality and scientist, who now hosts the Emmy-nominated Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves The World”, devoted the show’s second season debut to an in-depth look at cannabis, with a nod to Israel as the world leader in the field of research.

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