How Marijuana Can Help Your Workouts

You’re probably reading this right now and asking yourself “can cannabis help me with my workouts?” If you’re that curious, you probably should read this post. Studies have shown that medical Cannabis and your workoutmarijuana, in the right amount, has great benefits to lots of different treatments. The most known use of cannabis is to treat pain, and even for more serious diseases like cancer. But what no one ever, or hardly ever, talks about is the potential of cannabis to improve your workout performance.

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BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis Wins Big at the Midterm Elections

Today was a stellar day for marijuana advocates around the country. Not only did a handful of states authorize legalization of medical and recreational marijuana at the Cannabis wins in 2018 mid-termspolls, but the Democratic Party took control of the House of Representatives, and one very problematic Congressman, Pete Sessions, was sent packing down in Texas.

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Time For Colleges To Give Cannabis A Try?

From dorm rooms to classrooms, cannabis in college has come a long way. Master grower Jon Bent inspects marijuana plants growing at a Bonify facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

As both medical and recreational marijuana markets have soared, so too have career opportunities. In the 38 states with some form of legal marijuana, patients (and those who just enjoy partaking) now participate in a formalized marketplace with stringent standards overseeing the sale and production of cannabis and products derived from it.

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MMJ Edibles Delivered to You