The Edible High vs. The Smoking High: Which Is Right for You?

There is a difference between smokables and edibles; that’s just the way it is. Some people don’t mind either way, and some will not partake in one or the other, but Smoke VS Ediblesgenerally there are many people with a particular preference. So what’s the difference? What are the exact characteristics of smokables and edibles which appeal to a certain type of cannabis user? According to NarcAnon, cannabis seeds were used for food in China as long ago as 6000 B.C.E. Back in those days, cannabis was a plant used for all kinds of purposes, from food to hemp textiles and medicine to religious rites. The plant was traditionally burned in various forms as part of religious rituals, and boxes of gold and glass have been found dating back as far as 2700 B.C.E. While we’ll never know if the ancient Romans and Scythians preferred to smoke or consume it, it’s clear they partook of both methods.

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An Introduction To Marijuana Edibles: What You Should Know About Ingesting Cannabis

Marijuana infused products, commonly referred to as ‘edibles’, provide another option to patients who cannot, or choose not to smoke their cannabis. Edibles come in many different varieties, including tinctures (alcohol and glycerin based extractions), cooking oils, premade desserts,drinks, snack foods, candies, and even chewing gum. There are even some companies that offer a “medicated” meals-on-wheels service for patients that cannot physically leave the house.

Edibles Provide A Safe Alternative To Smoking

Many patients believe that ingesting their cannabis is a healthier alternative to inhaling it because there is no exposure to carbon-rich smoke. Some patients, such as those on supplemental oxygen, turn to edibles when smoking is no longer an option. For patients with eating and digestive disorders, edibles are not only a great source of nausea-reducing CBD, but also a vital source of essential nutrients and calories. The same is true for cancer patients suffering from nausea caused by their treatments, and expecting mothers dealing with hyperemesis (morning sickness). A few patients choose edibles because they are a more discreet way to medicate, while others simply prefer the longevity of effects when ingesting cannabis compared to the fast-acting effects of smoking.

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10 Commandaments Of Medical Marijuana Safty

10 Commandments of consuming edibles1. Thou shalt go low and slow

Start with a low dose of 10 milligrams of THC and wait two hours before consuming any more cannabis. Your digestive system processes pot slowly, especially if you've already eaten a substantial meal. Once inside your liver, THC is converted into another chemical called 11-hydroxy-THC, which is actually more potent, explaining the intensity of an edibles high.

2. Thou shalt label homemade pot foods                                                                        If you prefer to create your own cannabis-infused foods at home, be sure to always label items to prevent accidental ingestion by a roommate, neighbor, friend, babysitter, house-guest, family member, etc.

3. Thou shalt not mix with alcohol
Combining edibles with alcohol should only be attempted by those who have mastered both substances. Smoking a jay while rocking a beer is a completely different vibe than scarfing a pot brownie when you're already wasted. Keep in mind that a few glasses of Chardonnay will magnify the effects of pot chocolate significantly, causing nausea and dizziness, aka "the spins."
4. Thou shalt eat a proper dinner
Edibles are much more intense when consumed on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat a solid, nutritious meal before taking your THC dose.


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