Quick and Helpful

I am impressed! I wasn't expecting much when I tried out the service. It was very close to my house and I hadn't tried it before. This is absolutely my new and go to delivery service. everyone in this company is fantastic. the delivery was very quick, the staff incredibly helpful, and the awesome free gifts never hurt! please, if you live close to this and haven't given it a shot, give it a chance. you will not be disappointed! :)

Hassle Free

customer service oriented, extremely fast approval and shipping. by far best hassle free overnight service in California that I've used. Thank You


Awesome, super discrete, no smell delivery. Package arrived on time, great customer service and response time. I was skeptical at first but the delivery, packaging, quality, just amazing. Thank you! I will be using again for sure.


The service was amazing! I emailed them with a question and they responded right away. My shipment arrived quickly and I really enjoyed the free treats included with my package :)

Service That Impresses

Seriously... wow. I found Cannabizon through Leafly, since my usual delivery place was basically out of all edibles. I've tried some of my local delivery places as well, but their selection isn't very big, and the quality can be hit or miss. I don't like to smoke--lupus means wonky lungs, and too much smoke tends to trigger things like costochondritis, so I stick to edibles.

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